Silk-épil 1-176 Legs & body epilator


Silk-épil 1-176 Legs & Body Epilator

Silk-épil 1-176 is the basic model within the Silk-épil epilator range. The 20 Tweezer system easily removes hair at the root so the skin stays silky smooth for weeks not days . The soft Lift tips effectively lift even flat lying hairs at the root and guide them to the tweezers.
  • 20 Tweezer System

  • Speed Personalization - Soft, Fast

  • Easy epilation for smooth skin for weeks

20-Tweezer System

The 20 tweezers efficiently remove hairs by the root for long-lasting smoothness.

SoftLift Tips

The SoftLift Tips lift flat lying hair and guide it to the tweezers for easier removal.

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