Khubchands Trust Card - What it is and how to get one!



Khubchands has a great loyalty card system that currently gives back 2% of what you purchase. We now have over 4500 loyal customers[and counting] who have signed up and are regularly earning and redeeming points.

Terms and Conditions apply and are specified below.

To apply for the Trust Card please

click here for the printable form,

here  to apply online

or email requesting the form.

Alternatively pop in to the store where a friendly member of staff will help you out.


Khubchands Trust Card Terms and Conditions 


  1. The below terms and conditions apply to the KhubchandsTrust Card programme in its entirety. Khubchands Gibraltar is run by Khubchands Limited who is the sole operator of the loyalty programme (“The Programme”) and in addition any participation in this programme constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions highlighted below. The Khubchands Trust Card is the property of Khubchands Limited which at any time has the right to terminate, alter or amend the terms and conditions and operations of this programme.


  1. Any member who signs up for the programme must be resident of Gibraltar or Spain.


  1. Any member who signs up must be of the age of 16 or over.


  1. The KhubchandsTrust Card (“Trust Card”) cannot be transferred or points transferred to another member of the programme, only to the individual who originally registered for the Trust Card.


  1. Khubchands has the right to refuse, merge or close any duplicate accounts at any time.


  1. Your KhubchandsTrust Card is personal to you; therefore,your Trust Card may not be used for any commercial or business purposes. As a result, wholesale customers and business customers may not sign up for the Khubchands Trust program.


  1. The KhubchandsTrust card can only be used in our Khubchandsstore at 55 Main Street. Khubchands reserves the right to extend this offer in future.


  1. Trust cards may not be sold for any monetary value to another person, traded or transferred.


  1. It is advisable for security purposes to have your ID card with you in case we request it. We may ask from time to time for security purposes.


  1. Members must register their personal details via our in-store form. You must also keep Khubchands updated with any changes. Khubchands can’t be held responsible for any loss of points as a result of information that is out of date. Any card that is not used for a period of 2 years will expire and points forfeited, and re-registration with a new card would be needed should the customer wish to collect points.


  1. It is always the responsibility of the Trust Card member to keep your card safe .Khubchands will not be held responsible for any loss of points or data from the member failing to ensure the security or safe keeping of your trust card.


  1. Khubchands may decide to decline or issue Trust Cards, points or accounts and/or remove a member from the Trust Card programme if Khubchands believes there is:


12.1 Abuse of the programme

12.2 Any breach or attempt to breach the terms and conditions as listed in this document

12.3 Any behaviour relating to this programme that involves theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behaviour, or supplying false or misleading information.


  1. Trust Card members can opt to leave the programme at any time they wish. Just let Khubchands know in writing. Note that by leaving the programme you will be forfeiting any points already collected.


  1. Should a family member wish to claim points of a relative who has died, please let us know in writing. For security purposes we may need the death certificate as well.


  1. Privacy is of the upmost important at Khubchands, and we take your private information very seriously. Please see below our Privacy Policy:


We will take great care of any personal information you share with us, and we will never share this personal information with anyone outside of Khubchands for marketing purposes. However, we would like to use this information to keep you in informed any our special offers and new product ranges in our store to improve your shopping experience. This includes information about your Trust Card like points events, private events for our Trust Card members and more. We are also constantly looking to improve the service we offer, so from time to time we may get into contact with you to get feedback for research purposes. However, we will also give you the option of how you want us to contact you. If you would like to end your participation in this programme or limit how we contact, you please notify us in writing.





Trust Card Points

  1. The current conversion value of points is 1 point = 1 penny. Points cannot, under no circumstances be exchanged for cash. From time to time we may change the rate of point collection, but when this the case we will inform you via in-store notices and also email.


  1. Trust points can only be collected in our Khubchands store in Gibraltar. The current rate of point collection has been set at 2 points per £1 spent. Points will be allocated to only each £1 spent after and all discounts have been applied. Points can only be collected on purchases over £1


  1. To be awarded points you must present your Khubchands Trust Card at checkout.  It is not possible to collect points if you are not registered on our computer system.  The same applies to transactions already processed without a KhubchandsTrust Card, receipts cannot be used to retrospectively add points to a Trust Card account.


  1. If you have forgotten your card, it is possible for a Trust Card member to quote their name at till point to receive points. Note our team may request ID to ensure that points are being added to your personal account and not someone else.


  1. Khubchands has the right to exclude any products from point collection. This will be made clear prior to purchase.


  1. During points promotions. Trust Card members will receive the promotional rate of points (i.e. Double Points or Triple Points) and not the promotional points + base points.


  1. Khubchands may limit on the amount of points collected for promotional items if its feels that such points are being collected for business purposes.


  1. Khubchands has the right to remove points at any time if the products are returned for any reason or for a partial refund. This also applies to exchange of products.


  1. Your points have no value until they are converted and applies to a transaction and discounted off a product in that transaction.


  1. Khubchands is under no obligation to award points other than for qualifying transactions. Although Khubchands may award points for other promotional activities as well.


  1. Points will be awarded for all product purposes in store, expect those for business purposes.


  1. Members may not collect points on their purchases until they are on our computer system. Depending on demand the card can take up to 14 working days to activate.
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