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A small sip of coffee and divine

Definitely, the Espresso Ristretto is espresso more. With this short coffee capsule you will prepare an intense and full-bodied, delicious taste and a prolonged roasting and woody aroma beverage. Ristretto means "short" in Italian. It is a compact but full-bodied, with hints of black molasses espresso. The secret of its preparation is to regulate adequately pressure to spend less water for coffee. The result is ideal for any time of day short and intense coffee. The Espresso Ristretto is one of the strongest varieties, specially designed for those who enjoy slowly sipping an espresso or for those looking for new and intense emotions.

The quintessential espresso

Create a delicious Espresso Ristretto can not be easier with our coffee design and coffee capsules clever. With delicious blend of coffee and up to 15 bar pressure, it is easy to prepare a drink worthy of a professional. Throw ina delicious layer of soft foam and discover that, without leaving the comfort of your home, you can enjoy excellent coffee.
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