Brita Water Filter Cartridges


Details of the Brita Water Filter Cartridges

  • Provides delicious, freshly filtered water
  • Filters trace impurities such as certain herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals1
  • Reduces taste-impairing substances such as chlorine
  • Protects your appliances against limescale in regions with soft to hard water
  • Reduces chlorine, lead and copper
  • High-performance: super fine filter mesh ensures superb particle retention, ideal for older pipework
  • Truly sustainable: 50 % bio-based plastic*
  • 1 MAXTRA PRO water filter cartridge replaces up to 150 plastic bottles of water (1 litre)
  • Compatible with all current BRITA water filter jugs thanks to the proven BRITA PerfectFit system
  • Quality & design: made in Germany with passion and expericence since 1966
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