BRITA Aluna Cool White+2 Maxtra Filter


Details of the BRITA ALUNA COOL WHITE +2 MAXTRA Filter

The BRITA Aluna Cool White water filter pitcher with 2 Maxtra filters is a great product for improving the taste and quality of your tap water. However, it's not a standalone product but rather a package that includes the pitcher and filters. If you're looking for an additional product to complement this water filter system, here are a couple of options:

  1. BRITA Fill & Go Water Bottle: This reusable water bottle comes with a built-in BRITA filter, allowing you to enjoy filtered water on the go. It's a convenient choice for staying hydrated while traveling, at the gym, or in the office.

  2. BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Jug: If you want a larger water filter pitcher, you can consider the BRITA Marella XL. It offers a bigger capacity than the Aluna Cool and also uses Maxtra filters for efficient water filtration.

  3. BRITA Water Filter Dispenser: For a more permanent and stylish water filtration solution, you can invest in a BRITA water filter dispenser that can be installed directly into your kitchen faucet. This provides filtered water on demand without the need for a pitcher.

  4. Additional BRITA Maxtra Filters: To ensure you always have replacement filters on hand for your Aluna Cool White pitcher, you can purchase a pack of Maxtra filters separately. This ensures your pitcher continues to provide clean and great-tasting water.

Remember that the specific product you choose will depend on your needs and preferences, but any of these options can complement your BRITA Aluna Cool White+2 Maxtra water filter pitcher nicely.

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