Braun Silk-expert Pro 3 PL3020 Ipl Permanent Hair Removal System


Braun Pl3020 Silk-expert Pro 3 Ipl Permanent Hair Removal System

Silk·expert Pro 3 isn’t a laser hair removal device but instead uses Braun’s latest IPL technology. Get up to 3 months of smooth skin from home, and get visible hair reduction in just 3 months. The Skin pro technology automatically adapts to your skin tone, optimizing the power for the perfect balance between fast results and gentleness on skin. Two sensitive modes ensure your skin’s comfort and up to 100 flashes per minute enables less missed spots when gliding on your skin.


  • Permanent visible hair reduction in just 3 months¹. Fast, precise & gentle on skin. ¹If used per the recommended regimen, individual results may vary.
  • Optimal power for every body part with Skin pro 2.0—salon-like technology that automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone.
  • Flashes up to 100 times per minute for an effortless treatment with fewer missed spots.
  • Gentle on skin thanks to two sensitive modes that reduce light intensity for a gentler treatment in sensitive areas like the face, armpit or intimate areas.
  • With a standard head for armpits & lower legs.
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