Braun Body Groomer Series 5 BG5360


Braun 5360 Body Groomer Series 5

Braun Body Groomer 5360, for gentle full-body manscaping, even in sensitive areas. Quick hair removal from chest and armpits, to legs and groin. Experience comfort with SkinSecure Technology and the sensitive comb. Get any length using the sliding combs or Clean Shave Head. The body groomer is 100% waterproof for easy cleaning with a 100-minute cordless runtime and lifetime-sharp blades. Includes: Fine pitch groomer head, clean shave head, sensitive comb, sliding beard comb (3 – 11 mm), fine pitch fix comb (1 mm).

Great Results, Gentle on Skin

Built for quick and comfortable full body grooming from your chest and armpits to legs and groin with the Braun Body Groomer 5

Minimizes Nicks & Cuts

For ultimate skin comfort: built-in SkinSecure technology and the Sensitive Comb protect your skin while body trimming even in sensitive areas

No Matter the Length

Select the 1 mm fixed comb, 3-11 mm sliding comb or opt for the Clean Shave Attachment for smooth-looking skin

Always Ready to Use

With a powerful Li-Ion battery and cordless 100-min runtime

Wet or Dry

This body groomer is 100% waterproof for hygienic cleaning and shower use. Designed to be rust free with an extra grip handle

What’s in the box

  • 1x Body Groomer

  • 1x Fine pitch groomer head

  • 1x Sensitive comb

  • 1x Sliding beard comb (3 – 11 mm)

  • 1x Fine pitch fix comb (1 mm)

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