Simple to use, silent and secure, this electric diffuser intensely and continuously perfumes small and large spaces while emitting a soft light, bringing soothing and relaxation. Its ultrasonic technology creates rapid vibrations ensuring the homogeneous mixture of the perfume in the water. The fragrance diffuses in a few moments in the form of a fine mist of water, while reducing the dryness of the air.

You will also have the possibility to choose one of the 3 programmable diffusion cycles that are offered.



Features of the Ribbed Scented Mist Electric Diffuser: 

  • 3 programmable diffusion cycles: continuous diffusion then automatic shutdown when the water level becomes insufficient, continuous diffusion then automatic shutdown after 1 hour, diffusion in cycles of 30 seconds then automatic shutdown after 2 hours of diffusion
  • Diffusion with or without light (2 lights to choose from: white or gray)
  • Manual or automatic shutdown when the water level is insufficient.




Our advice for use

This diffuser is to be used only with over-concentrated room fragrance essential oils. Fill the tank with water before adding a few drops of overconcentrated room fragrance or essential oils. Precautions for use Refer to the user manual inside the box before use.

This box contains: 1 lighted electric diffuser, 1 power supply and 1 multilingual user manual.

Duration of diffusion if the tank is full: approximately 5 hours (capacity 120 ml).




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